David Cai   蔡伟


I am a software engineer at Google, working on the intersection of computer vision technologies and Google products. Our team has been working on web scale image annotation using deep neural networks, which is a main component of the search and organization of the Google Photos. We are also developing the state-of-the-art image search and retrieval technologies that have significant impact to several products including Google Image Search and Search by Image.

I received my B.Eng from Tsinghua University and Master degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. My research advisor is Professor Jame M.Rehg at Georgia Tech. My interests are computer vision, machine learning, and multimedia. My past research included object tracking, face/object detection and recognition, image retrieval/annotation. I also interned in Google on large scale image search, visual browsing and video object segmentation during those years, in close collaboration with Kevin Jing, Henry Rowley and Rahul Sukthankar. I hold 6 issued US patents and have authored of a number of top-tier peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of computer vision and machine learning.

I love technology and enjoy using them to make people's life better. It is for this reason I co-founded VisualGraph, a cloud-based visual shopping platform in 2013. While there I developed computer vision modules for visual search engine. It was acquired by Pinterest in 2014. I believe everyone can do something dazzling as long as you have ambition, big vision, excution and persistence.

In my free time I like reading books and watching NBA games (Rockets fan for more than a decade). I also do some trading/investing mainly on US stocks. I used to be a pure O'Neil style investor but now I also focus more on deep value analysis. I really enjoy doing research on public companies. Their ups and downs could provide tremendous business insights for me. I believe in the investing precision is much more important than recall, and the blind diversification is the mother of mediocrity.

What's New...

2015.5     The new Google Photos launched in Google I/O.

2013.12   VisualGraph was acquired by Pinterest.

2013.11  I joined Google as a Software Engineer.

2013.9    One paper accepted by TMM, one paper accepted by ICCV 2013.

2013.1    I co-founded VisualGraph and worked as an engineer.

2012.11  I will be on leave during academic year 2013.

2012.1   One paper accepted by IJCV.

2011.6   One paper accepted by ICCV 2011.

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